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Diversity and inclusion software to build stronger businesses

We believe a culture of belonging sets the foundation for people from diverse backgrounds to be their most authentic selves and do their best work. It’s why our solutions are designed to address unconscious bias throughout every stage of the hiring process.
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Hiring to improve diversity, equity and inclusion

Hiring is one of your first and most critical steps in making progress toward your DE&I goals. This is why we build tools directly into Greenhouse Recruiting to mitigate unconscious bias.

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Mitigate bias

Minimize the opportunity for unconscious bias by ensuring mental shortcuts and assumptions don’t interfere with the chance of hiring a great candidate.

  • Nudge employees with timely reminders at key points in the hiring process to remind them to engage in efforts to promote inclusion
  • Grade assessments objectively with anonymous take-home assignments
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Evaluate candidates consistently and fairly

Make objective hiring decisions and hold all candidates to the same standards.

  • Define key decision criteria for a role up front to avoid inadvertent shifting of criteria during the interview process
  • Require skills ratings explanations in your scorecards for more critical candidate evaluations
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Measure your progress

Identify areas for improvement and evaluate the impact of your inclusive hiring efforts to see where you can refine your process.

  • Collect applicant data with demographic question sets within a job post

  • Get a holistic view of your pipeline and pass-through rates by demographic to find out where you need to focus efforts and make adjustments
  • Understand which sources yield results with the Candidate Source by Demographics report
  • Get insights into how candidates of different backgrounds experience your hiring process through the Candidate Survey by Demographics report
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Cultivate inclusion and belonging in your candidate experience

Build an inclusive hiring culture that attracts and engages candidates from a wide range of experiences, cultures and demographics

  • Empower candidates to pre-record the correct pronunciation of their name and indicate their personal pronouns, so the hiring team can get it right and candidates feel seen and acknowledged
  • Share your culture and mission on a customized career page so candidates can see how your values align with your hiring culture

Candice Morgan is the Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Partner at Google Ventures and former Head of Inclusion & Diversity at Pinterest.

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