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The future of hiring: Essential lessons from SXSW 2023

The Greenhouse team headed to SXSW 2023 in Austin, Texas, to share insights on the stage and learn what some of the most successful companies are doing in today’s tough economy – not only to stay afloat, but to flourish. Here are our top lessons so everyone from recruiters to business leaders can get a better understanding of what they can and should do to succeed this year.

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How to source top talent: Questions to ask hiring managers

In order to source the right talent, it's important to know which questions to ask hiring managers before you begin your search. These questions can help you determine whether a candidate is right for the job. In this blog, we're sharing expert tips and the most insightful questions to ask hiring managers from Greenhouse's Senior Talent Acquisition Manager Mason Calaiaro and Technical Talent Sourcing Manager Jessica Cronk.

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Overcoming talent acquisition challenges in 2023

Today’s TA leaders are engaged in a balancing act between finding the right moments to put the proverbial pedal to the metal – and when it makes more sense to slow down and fully take in the surroundings. BrightHire’s Co-founder Teddy Chestnut recently moderated a panel discussion, Overcoming TA challenges in 2023, between Checkr’s VP of Talent Justin Ayers, Greenhouse’s Head of Talent Planning & Acquisition Ariana Moon and Salesloft’s Director of Talent Amber Schwartz. The conversation focused on friction in the hiring process – when is it a problem, when is it an opportunity and how might it impact your approach to TA? Explore some of the highlights of the conversation.

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Talent Makers success stories: Why nontraditional candidate pools lead to great hires

It’s easy to assume that a candidate’s past experience will be a good indicator of their success in a future role, but this thinking can be limiting when you're building a more inclusive hiring process. When growing the Greenhouse Customer Success team, Talent Acquisition Program Manager Generi Talens partnered with Customer Success Senior Managers Kevin Do and Karlan Baumann to look beyond traditional backgrounds and prioritize inclusivity. Read on to learn some of their best tactics and takeaways.

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Greenhouse IT Manager Elena Ackley wants women in tech to take up more space

Greenhouse is excited to celebrate International Women's day by highlighting the inspiring journey of one of our own, IT Manager Elena Ackley. Elena has progressed from an IT Engineer to an IT Manager and now a people leader. Elena feels it’s critical to pay it forward by creating a supportive environment for everyone on her team. We caught up with her to hear about her challenges, triumphs and words of advice as a woman in a typically male-dominated field.

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How talent leaders are investing in talent acquisition strategies during uncertain times

How do you plan for the future when there’s a lot of uncertainty? This is a question we’ve all had to ask ourselves over the past few years, but it’s especially critical for talent acquisition professionals right now. We gathered a panel of talent leaders to discuss the talent acquisition strategies and solutions that they’re relying on – even when the future is especially unpredictable. Read on to learn some of the key insights they shared.

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3 tips for getting your recruiting and hiring worktech budgets approved

Maintaining or increasing your budget for recruiting strategies and technologies can be challenging in confusing economic times. Get some data to support your mission in this guest blog from WorkTech Market Analyst George LaRocque.

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Need to stand out to candidates? Here's how hiring tech can help improve your employer brand

There’s a lot happening in the talent landscape right now – from the Great Resignation and quiet quitting to high-profile layoffs. In this environment, it can be hard to know where to focus your energy. Whether you’re hiring at full pace or taking a pause, it’s worth taking a closer look at your employer brand. We caught up with Greenhouse’s Head of People Experience Layla Kajer and Talent Acquisition Managers Adrina August and Pamely Gomez to get their tips for building a standout employer brand with hiring technology.