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Create a great candidate experience

We provide everything you need to deliver an excellent candidate experience. Features include easy applications, automated tasks for a seamless process, custom branding for careers pages and emails and a candidate experience survey to help you constantly iterate and get better.
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Here’s how Greenhouse can help.

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Create an engaging interview process

Orchestrate an organized and elevated interview experience so you can hire the best people.

  • Interview plans ensure candidate conversations are exciting, challenging and interesting while avoiding repetitive questions
  • Ensure all questions are highly relevant for the role at hand so your interviewers are prepared and professional
  • Seamlessly integrate with video conferencing tools like Sparkhire, Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams to make scheduling virtual interviews a breeze
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Prioritize the highest value candidate touchpoints

Make the entire experience seamless and easy to understand for everyone with custom job boards, an easy application process and candidate self-scheduling.

  • Anonymized take home assessments
  • Custom branded emails sent from your company’s domain
  • Connect to the tools you need for approvals, background checks, e-signatures and more
  • Give candidates more control over their schedule by allowing them to self-select the best time for them
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Keep candidates updated

Ensure a fair and transparent hiring process throughout every step of the process.

  • Alerts let you know if a candidate has been in a stage for too long
  • Next steps are clear and consistent for every candidate
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Speak to candidates in their language

  • Job boards are available in 19 languages
  • The interviewer experience in Greenhouse Recruiting is available in six languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese, allowing recruiting teams to conduct interviews, fill out scorecards and refer candidates to roles in their native language
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Deliver rejections fairly

Treat every candidate with respect and transparency by sending straightforward rejections. You can make the most of features including:

  • Rejection emails using pre-existing templates
  • Templated or custom rejection reasons
  • Delayed sends for strategic scheduling
Greenhouse Recruiting reports

Use data to get better over time

No candidate experience is perfect, but when you have both data and actionable insights, you can make adjustments that keep you moving in the right direction. Our features include:

  • A built-in candidate survey
  • Pipeline history reports that provide a unique way to highlight bottlenecks, report on milestones and show consistent metrics across your company
  • A flexible pipeline for each job so you can determine which hiring steps are most relevant and worthwhile
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Keep track of multiple job applications and repeat candidates

Our underlying data model makes it easy to handle multiple applications from the same candidate gracefully, differentiating between candidate, prospect, application, stage and status.

Candidate experience

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