Interviewing & decision-making

Make better hiring decisions, every time

Greenhouse has everything you need to facilitate stronger recruiter and hiring manager alignment, provide fairer candidate evaluation and ultimately make better hires.

Build a structured hiring process

Standardized process
– Bring structure to every step of your hiring process, from clearly defining the role to making decisions based on data, not feelings

Interview kits
– Create an organized plan, prep kits and candidate scorecards to help interviewers assess the right skills, traits and qualifications

Task automation – Increase efficiency with automated reminders that keep hiring teams, stakeholders and candidates on track – and on the same page

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Better candidate experiences

Inclusivity features
– Candidates can pre-record the correct pronunciation of their name and select personal pronouns

Employer brand – Customize your career sites and job forms to reinforce your brand

– Give candidates the flexibility to self-schedule interviews at a time most convenient for them

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Fair and equitable hiring processes at any scale

Role requirements – Define key decision criteria for any role in advance to avoid inadvertent shifting of criteria during the interview process

Evaluation consistency – Establish a scorecard of key attributes for success in a role, with anonymized take-home tests

Address unconscious bias
– Built-in, timely reminders to promote inclusion to help mitigate bias

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Utilize automation to keep candidates engaged and updated

Automated reminders – Send interview reminders to hiring teams and candidates so everyone feels confident and prepared

Consistent communication
– Promote a more fair and transparent hiring process with automated and custom communication on next steps

Communicate decisions
– Inform candidates of your decision with respect, including rejection email templates and appropriately timed sends

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Smarter decisions based on data

Collaboration and interviewing have greatly improved, allowing us to make clear, confident and culture-driven hiring decisions.”

Lindsay Varney

Director of Talent, StitchFix

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More hiring solutions

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Candidate experience

Deliver an excellent candidate experience with easy applications, engaging interviews and a fair and transparent hiring process.

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Scalable workflows

Streamline your hiring processes and keep everyone on the same page with automated tasks, robust permissions and best-in-class governance.

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