Reporting & insights

Turn your data into actionable insights

Our robust reporting tools make it easy to get the answers you need to make more informed hiring decisions, achieve your growth goals and get measurably better at hiring – all within Greenhouse.

Get started quickly with pre-built reports

Easy reporting
– Utilize 40+ pre-built reports tailored to address stakeholder questions from across your organization

Instant insights – Get fast answers about your hiring goals progress, sourcing strategies, pipeline health and more

Automatic updates – Automate report distributions to keep everyone who needs to know in the know

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Create custom reports to get more specific information

Advanced data filtering
– Make filtering data straightforward and streamlined with intuitive workflows and live report previews

Recruiting analytics
– Build recruiting reports by candidates, sources, departments, jobs, offices, offers, openings, custom fields and more

Easy customization
– Use boolean searches and multilayer filtering right from the Greenhouse platform so you always have access to the answers you need

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Evaluate the impact of your DE&I efforts

Stats for every stage
– Measure the diversity of your hiring funnel and calculate pass-through rates at every step of your hiring process

Sourcing ROI
– Better understand where to invest your resources by determining which hiring channels reach the most diverse and qualified candidates

Demographic data
– Combine demographic data and candidate survey results to improve the candidate experience

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      Drive team accountability with report dashboards

      Ease of use
      – Promote greater accountability for your team through easy-to-use dashboards that deliver key insights – without ever having to pull a report

      Save time
      – Gain clarity and discoverability across any data point, with insights available to any team member to ease recruiting operations strain

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      Connect Greenhouse data to your favorite BI tools

      Easy exports
      – Export Greenhouse data to your spreadsheets, dashboard or business intelligence (BI) tools

      BI connector – Integrate with tools like Tableau, Power BI and Looker to combine your Greenhouse data with other HR, performance and business data

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      I love Greenhouse reporting. There’s great dashboards built for me, and I can build ones myself. It’s one of the main reasons I choose Greenhouse over competitors.”

      Kelsey Biggs

      Head of Global Talent Acquisition, Gong

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      More hiring solutions

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      Talent sourcing

      Identify and attract as many qualified candidates as possible with automation and personalization tools that keep talent engaged.

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      Scalable workflows

      Streamline your hiring processes and keep everyone on the same page with automated tasks, robust permissions and best-in-class governance.

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