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Read the definitive book on great hiring – available now

Our co-founders wrote the book on great hiring – available everywhere books are sold. In Talent Makers, you’ll get insights from top business leaders and strategies on how to turn hiring into a strategic advantage at your company.

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Listen to the Greenhouse podcast: Hiring for what’s next

Join the conversation now to hear valuable talent strategy, insights, guidance and actionable takeaways for your business. In each episode, you’ll learn from smart people at the forefront of hiring who will share their experiences and learnings with you.

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Staying people-first in challenging times

As a company, investing in inclusion, diversity, equity and allyship (IDEA) is not only the right thing to do for a business – it’s also the smart thing to do. But IDEA is also vulnerable to being…

Webinar, Recruiting metrics, Structured hiring

Data-driven recruiting in 2024

It’s a challenging time to hire. Facing limited resources, uncertain hiring targets and a rapidly changing recruiting landscape, talent teams are expected to do more with less. It’s more important…

Article, Hiring tech stack, Talent operations

Empower your security teams and elevate your data protection compliance with the Greenhouse audit log

We’ve built the Greenhouse audit log to help your security teams maintain accountability, elevate your data protection compliance, investigate security incidents and resolve disputes. Learn more in this blog.

Webinar, Company culture, DE&I

Stay people-first in turbulent times

Access this on-demand webinar to hear from Jamie Adasi, Head of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity & Allyship (IDEA) at Greenhouse, and other DE&I experts as they discuss the importance of staying the…

Webinar, Recruiter tips, Talent strategy

Take control of your hiring

Talent teams are facing more pressure than ever in a business landscape that is rapidly changing. This webinar’s expert panel discusses practical strategies and best practices for talent teams to…

Webinar, Recruiter tips, Structured hiring

How to get the best hire: Recruiting advice from the pros

Watch this discussion with Anita Grantham, Head of HR at BambooHR, Vanessa Brulotte, Human Resource Business Partner at BambooHR and Mason Calaiaro, Leadership Talent Acquisition Manager at…

Webinar, Onboarding

Beyond checklists: Culture-first onboarding strategies

New hire onboarding is more than an administrative process – it’s an invaluable opportunity to strengthen company culture. Watch this discussion to get proven methods for fully leveraging the…

Article, Interviewing, Structured hiring

How anonymous take home tests mitigate bias and improve candidate odds

Learn how the Greenhouse Take Home Test feature allows customers to mitigate bias by focusing on the skills necessary for the role.

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