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Webinar, Candidate experience, Hiring tech stack

Scale candidate engagement with texting and automation

When there are urgent roles to fill and limited bandwidth, hiring teams need a solution that not only scales personalized outreach but keeps candidates engaged throughout the funnel. Watch this…

Webinar, DE&I

A deep dive into proven DEI strategies

Watch this insightful webinar with industry leaders from Checkr, Greenhouse and NJIT to learn how you can address DEI in your everyday work. You’ll gain insight on topics that are often excluded…

Video, Ai and automation

Transform your hiring with AI

When it comes to the benefits of including Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the hiring process, helping recruiters write job posts and candidate emails faster is just the beginning. Hear from our…

Webinar, Hiring tech stack, Roi and hiring metrics

Maximize your enterprise recruiting tech stack in 2024

Watch this insightful webinar with industry leaders from Calendly, Greenhouse and Pendo as they guide you through the essential strategies to maximize value from your enterprise recruiting tech…

Webinar, Hiring tech stack, Structured hiring

Faster, smarter hiring with automated systems

As a company scales, TA teams are often the first to feel the pressure. A lack of structure during a rapid growth phase can result in difficulties scheduling interviews, delays in approval processes…

Article, Interviewing, Social impact

How Focus Attributes improve comparability of interview scorecards

When hiring the right person for a role, the little details matter. Learn how Focus Attributes make interview scorecards even more effective.

Webinar, Ai and automation, Talent strategy

AI in Greenhouse: Your key to hiring efficiency in 2024

The emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) has already inspired many businesses to transform their approach to hiring efficiency. From streamlining hiring processes with automation to identifying…

Webinar, Company culture, DE&I

Empowering leaders to champion people-first initiatives

Prioritizing people is no longer a choice but a necessity for organizations. What does putting people-first look like and how do we encourage it in our company cultures? Watch this webinar as…

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