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Leveraging LinkedIn: How to attract top talent with your employer brand (part 1)

In today’s hyper-competitive job market, a stellar employer brand isn't just 'nice-to-have' – it's a necessity. So how do you harness your employer brand to stand out on LinkedIn? Here's a glimpse into our playbook at Greenhouse and how you can apply these strategies at your company.

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Show me the money: Why HR leaders are embracing pay transparency

Pay-transparency is no longer a nice-to-have – it’s a must. See why it’s essential and learn how to get leadership buy-in, in this blog.

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Concern about bias doesn’t dampen HR professionals’ interest: Results from the EMEA HR Manager AI & Bias Pulse report

The 2023 Greenhouse EMEA HR Manager AI & Bias Pulse report highlights how HR professionals are turning to AI to boost efficiency, find the most suitable and skilled candidates and reduce bias (or increase it, depending on who you ask!). We surveyed 1,700 HR Managers in the UK, Germany and Ireland to understand their assessment of this trending technology. Explore our findings here.

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3 types of interview questions to effectively assess soft skills

Discover the soft skills examples to look for and the candidate interview questions that will help you assess them.

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How talent leaders are adapting to today’s hiring market – and what this means for you

To help you make sense of these confusing times and take a proactive approach to your talent strategy, talent leaders from Greenhouse, Syndigo, Luminate and Zola share best practices.

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The key to hiring transparency? Revamping your goal-setting strategy

Talent leaders Lori Busch and Kathryn Cant joined our fireside chat to discuss goal-setting. We talked about leveraging data to create clear goals and why it’s crucial to get buy-in. Read the recap in this blog.

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Keep candidates engaged while scaling your teams and discovering new talent

This fall we’re excited to share that we’ve launched new Greenhouse features that will help you keep candidates engaged, effectively scale your teams, foster accountability and discover new talent.

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How to hire the right person – part 2: avoid bias in interviews

In part one of this blog series, we discussed how to hire the right person by setting up an inclusive and structured hiring process, based on a recent conversation with BambooHR. Now, we’re sharing how you can avoid bias in interviews to help you fairly assess which candidate is right for your role.