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Better decision-making starts with structured hiring

Learn how structured hiring can improve your talent acquisition strategy, create a more equitable candidate experience and propel business success.

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What is structured hiring?

Create a structured hiring framework that weaves consistency, fairness and alignment into all stages of the recruitment process.

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Structured hiring 101: Your blueprint for hiring success

Explore each stage of the structured hiring process and get actionable steps to implement structured hiring at your organization.

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Structured hiring

5 tips for successfully integrating Greenhouse’s Harvest API

Want to connect Greenhouse to all of your recruiting and hiring workflows? Harvest API lets you build integrations that programmatically create and update candidate, job and organization data from…

Structured hiring

Navan saves over 1,000 hours with custom integration using the Greenhouse Harvest API

Founded in 2015, Navan is an all-in-one corporate travel and expense management platform driven by technology. Navan has experienced rapid expansion, acquiring new markets and becoming a platform…

Structured hiring

Mastering skills-based hiring: A comprehensive strategy guide for European leaders

Have you considered the significant advantages of skills-based hiring within your business strategy? While this approach isn’t exactly a new concept in Europe, recent advancements in HR technology…

Structured hiring

Simplify your hiring with Greenhouse’s new candidate profile

Having a clear and effective structured hiring process and a game-changing hiring software is no longer a nice-to-have for organizations that want to stay ahead of the game – it’s a must. That’s why…

Structured hiring

West Monroe saves 2,500 hours annually with structured hiring

West Monroe, a leading business and technology consulting firm, faced inefficiencies with their previous ATS. This resulted in endless manual processes and recruiters working in spreadsheets to…