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Better decision-making starts with structured hiring

Learn how structured hiring can improve your talent acquisition strategy, create a more equitable candidate experience and propel business success.

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What is structured hiring?

Create a structured hiring framework that weaves consistency, fairness and alignment into all stages of the recruitment process.

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Structured hiring 101: Your blueprint for hiring success

Explore each stage of the structured hiring process and get actionable steps to implement structured hiring at your organization.

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Structured hiring

Structured interviewing helps Blacklane increase quality hires by +20%

Blacklane is the premier provider of chauffeur services globally in more than 50 countries, offering sustainable incomes to chauffeur service providers while being mindful of its environmental…

Structured hiring

Elevate your efficiency: How to use AI in recruiting

Artificial intelligence (AI) entered the conversation in early 2023. But if you haven’t defined your AI policy yet, it can overwhelm and confuse you. How do you respond with no information? With so…

Structured hiring

Reassess your recruiting strategy: How IonQ succeeds by having a people-first mentality

Earlier this year, we revealed the Talent Makers® award finalists . And now it’s time to roll out the red carpet to the winner of each category. We’re excited to introduce you to the talent partner…

Structured hiring

How IonQ streamlined their hiring process with Greenhouse

Shifting from a research-oriented company to a manufacturing company required IonQ to completely rethink its hiring process to make it more structured, efficient and streamlined. Prior to…

Structured hiring

Inizio cuts agency spending by more than 50%

Established in 2022, Inizio is a scaled commercialization platform that unlocks, activates and optimizes value for pharma and biopharma at each pivotal moment. When an analysis revealed Inizio was…