Recruiter enablement: How to upskill and retain recruiters

This session recording is from Greenhouse Open Conference 2022, in partnership with BrightHire.

The talent market for recruiters is red hot, which makes leveling up your recruiters to retain your existing talent and grow your team’s capabilities is more important than ever. Looking for a proven way to maximize the performance of your team and keep them engaged in a competitive market? Upskill with professional development programs that improve both individual recruiter and team performance.

In this session, Hannah Spellmeyer, Advisor at BrightHire, and Teddy Chestnut, Co-founder of BrightHire, will share:

  • How to build a recruiter training program
  • Tips and tricks for nurturing everyone across your team to become a top performer across the team
  • How interview intelligence has revolutionized recruiter enablement


  • Hannah Spellmeyer, Director of Global Talent Acquisition at a unicorn company and advisor to BrightHire
  • Teddy Chestnut, Co-founder of BrightHire