Talent sourcing

A pipeline as big as your goals

Build a talent sourcing strategy to help you identify and attract as many qualified candidates as possible – all within Greenhouse.

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Here’s how you can source talent with Greenhouse

Greenhouse Recruiting SA personalized outreach

Build relationships with past, present and future talent

Give your recruiters a CRM that helps build a talent community in organized, automated, measurable and action-oriented ways.

  • Get the Sourcing Automation add-on to find, reach and engage top talent quickly and effectively, turning good prospects into great hires
  • Enjoy a single source of truth for all your prospect and candidate data, making collaboration with hiring teams seamless
  • Empower stakeholders to do their part with customizable permissions and task notifications
  • Create talent pools to track prospect and candidate relationships over time
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Effectively promote open roles across thousands of boards

Greenhouse Job Ad Market is a more efficient way to attract quality candidates across a global portfolio of over 1,000 job boards – all within Greenhouse.

  • Get job board recommendations based on historical and industry performance
  • Save time by posting jobs without having to switch between multiple platforms
  • Enjoy competitive ad pricing and pay-as-you-go flexibility
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Activate your employee network with candidate referrals

Utilize the people who know your team best with a structured and incentivized referral program.

  • Involve your entire company in the recruiting process
  • Make your employees feel appreciated for their network
  • Simplify communication between hiring managers, recruiters and employees
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Make the right first impression with your careers page

Define and promote your unique employer brand and company culture through your careers page.

  • Easily integrate your Greenhouse job board into your company website
  • Facilitate a transparent hiring and work culture, starting with your branded careers page
  • Tailor active and passive social media outreach with personalized social posts
Image with a photo of a woman and a Greenhouse pipeline report

Measure your sourcing effectiveness to improve and demonstrate ROI

Take a data-driven approach to optimizing your sourcing strategy and channels.

  • Quantify the value of your sourcing efforts with detailed, custom reports
  • Promote effective sourcing success internally by tracking recruiter activity and conversion rates
  • Consolidate all sourcing data in one place for easy data analysis

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