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Okta gets ROI boost with Greenhouse

Okta wanted to grow rapidly while maintaining efficiency in their hiring process. With the structure, automation and strategic insights Greenhouse provides, they met their hiring goals and saw a 227% increase in ROI.

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Case study, Structured hiring, Talent operations

How IonQ streamlined their hiring process with Greenhouse

Shifting from a research-oriented company to a manufacturing company required IonQ to completely rethink its hiring process to make it more structured, efficient and streamlined. Prior to…

Case study, DE&I, Recruiting metrics

Hypergrowth without compromise at Gong

Gong accelerates revenue efficiency, predictability and growth for over 4,000 customers with an AI-powered suite of tools. Since launching in 2015, Gong has experienced hypergrowth and rapid…

Case study, Candidate experience, DE&I

Fostering an inclusive hiring strategy at Pine Gate Renewables

Pine Gate Renewables is a developer and owner-operator of utility-scale solar and energy storage projects dedicated to the deployment of clean energy solutions. With underrepresentation across…

Case study, Distributed hiring & work, Talent operations

Taco Comfort Solutions saves over $100K in recruitment costs by partnering with Greenhouse

Before using Greenhouse, the hiring team at Taco Comfort relied on manual functions. Not having a centralized source for all things hiring made it difficult to find the right candidates for roles,…

Case study, Candidate experience, Structured hiring

Inizio cuts agency spending by more than 50%

Established in 2022, Inizio is a scaled commercialization platform that unlocks, activates and optimizes value for pharma and biopharma at each pivotal moment. When an analysis revealed Inizio was…

Case study, DE&I, Recruiting metrics

HiveWatch builds inclusive hiring practices from day one

HiveWatch, a fast-growing company built to make physical security more proactive, wanted to establish strong DE&I hiring practices as they began to scale the team. They knew to achieve this, they…

Case study, Candidate sourcing, Talent strategy

Casana efficiently scales hiring with Greenhouse Sourcing Automation

Casana brings together a team of engineers, scientists, clinicians and business people who share a passion to improve patient outcomes and reinvent healthcare at home. As Casana grew, they needed to…

Case study, Distributed hiring & work, Structured hiring

Policygenius ensures equity and efficiency with structured hiring

Policygenius is the one-stop insurance shop that helps people get covered with confidence. The team has been growing its remote presence, now with around 20% of the 450 employees working remotely…

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