About Greenhouse

What is Greenhouse?

Greenhouse is the leading hiring worktech company. Tomorrow’s winning organizations are the ones that view their approach to talent as strategic, not administrative. We help people-first companies hire for what’s next by powering all aspects of attracting, hiring and onboarding top talent.

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We’re the hiring operating system for people-first companies

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Bring structure to every step of your hiring

Structured hiring improves planning, collaboration and recruiting processes so you can consistently and fairly hire the best talent.

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Make hiring fair and equitable

We designed our software to reduce bias in hiring by making the job-seeking (and job-offering) process fairer and more equitable for everyone.

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Get measurably better at hiring

Greenhouse provides data and guidance on the behaviors and capabilities companies need to move up the Hiring Maturity™ curve and improve their overall hiring performance.

The future of work is here

Unlock human potential at work

Competitive advantage has moved from physical capital to human capital

The relationship between employees and companies has radically changed

The best companies win by prioritizing their people

New tools and worktech to make work better

HR tech has merged into the broader category of worktech and aims to improve collaboration, elevate candidate and employee experience and maximize lifetime value

Top organizations now invest in tools and systems that enable them to optimize their people practices

The era of people-first companies

People-first companies care about culture, values and DE&I

People-first companies emphasize talent-making at all levels

People-first companies embrace their responsibility to contribute to social good

People-first companies care about recruiting, because they understand how critical it is to have the right tech and the right team in place to hire the best talent

Industry accolades and recognition

We’re backed by global investors committed to our mission

TPG Growth and The Rise Fund have invested in Greenhouse to accelerate the impact we can have toward reducing racial and gender bias in the hiring process and building the most inclusive hiring system ever made.

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Hear from today’s people-first companies

We love to hear how our customers are putting people-first values into practice. Their stories demonstrate the power of unlocking human potential.

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