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Build strong hiring practices from the start

Greenhouse is your all-together hiring platform, helping you hire fairly and purposefully every step of the way. From sourcing to onboarding, Greenhouse is built to grow and evolve with you.

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Everything you need to hire better, all-together

  • Source, track and engage top talent

  • Make confident hiring decisions and measurably improve

  • Onboard new hires to be more productive, faster

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Source top talent

Expand your reach and compete for quality candidates with a sourcing strategy that helps you find, contact and engage prospects. Greenhouse gives you access to over 1,000 global job boards and seamlessly integrates with sourcing tools like LinkedIn so you can connect with top talent quickly and effectively.

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Make fair and confident hiring decisions

Bring structure to your hiring process – from interview planning kits that help your team prepare to scorecards and anonymous take-home tests that ensure you evaluate candidates consistently and fairly. It's now easier than ever for everyone on your hiring team to get on the same page and confidently make the right hires for your business.

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Create a great candidate experience

Make a positive first impression with an easy application and engaging interview process. Utilize a customized career page and inclusivity features like name pronunciation tools to define an employer brand that shows off your company’s unique culture and values from the start.

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Set new hires up for success

Integrate new employees into your company culture and help them be more productive from day one. With Greenhouse, you can create an organized plan that gives new hires a sense of their early responsibilities and goals – all while making it easier for hiring managers to stay on track and successfully ramp up their new reports.

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