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Greenhouse has everything you need to hire more fairly, efficiently and competitively. Our hiring platform makes it easy to measurably improve your hiring process – from sourcing to onboarding – all while driving continuous business growth.

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Thoughtful and empowering solutions to hire better, all-together

  • Attract, identify and compete for qualified and diverse talent

  • Grow efficiently with structured hiring and onboarding

  • Deliver an exceptional and equitable candidate experience

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Find, attract and hire top talent

Greenhouse helps you maximize your talent sourcing. Connect with the most qualified candidates across 1,000+ job boards and leverage our CRM to send personalized and automated outreach that keeps candidates engaged. All with the data you need to make measurable improvements – and all within Greenhouse.

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Hire inclusively and fairly

Our platform gives you everything you need to create a fair and inclusive hiring process. By bringing structure to every step of hiring you can clearly define key criteria for roles, mitigate bias and evaluate candidates more consistently. The result? Better hiring decisions.

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Improve your hiring process with insightful data

Get the answers you need with powerful recruiting analytics to measurably improve your hiring and achieve your business growth goals. Our customizable and advanced reporting makes it easy to quickly evaluate the cost of critical hiring decisions, address diversity goals and overcome hiring hurdles, right in Greenhouse.

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Scale quicker with workflows

Power strategic growth with tailored workflows and collaborative hiring tools. Our hiring software helps bring structure to your hiring, enhancing alignment between hiring managers and recruiters and expanding the bandwidth of lean teams to increase productivity. You can enable advanced data configurations and customizable permissions and workflows that meet your business needs as you scale.

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Streamline your employee onboarding

Engage new hires the moment an offer is accepted. Our hiring software enables you to create a a more organized onboarding process that keeps internal teams organized, automates onboarding logistics for better efficiency and helps new hires become more productive, faster. You can also evaluate the success of your onboarding and set measurable, company growth-related goals.

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Deliver an exceptional candidate experience

Make a great first impression with a simple application process that’s fair and equitable. Greenhouse helps you orchestrate a structured interview process that keeps candidates informed and engaged. Our robust recruiting data allows you to quickly assess pipeline efficiency and improve high-value touchpoints to make the hiring process seamless for everyone involved.

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Integrate with the industry’s best hiring tools

Greenhouse seamlessly integrates with 450+ partners, making it easy and affordable to implement your favorite hiring tools. Ensure your hiring needs are met as your company grows with a customized tech stack.

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Greenhouse is your partner in better hiring

Our Customer Success teams are here to provide expertise and resources to help your organization get the most value from Greenhouse so you can reach your hiring goals – faster.

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