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Discover the ROI for better recruiter and hiring manager alignment

Relationships between recruiters and hiring managers are akin to siblings relationships – sometimes they can irk us, but when we get along things are much better. And while alignment with hiring managers often takes extra effort, it can have a very real impact on your company’s bottom line.

One global technology company (and Greenhouse customer) quintupled its workforce in five years while also prioritizing recruiter and hiring manager alignment. And they saw some major financial benefits as a result.

Here’s their secret: with the help of Greenhouse they clearly outlined responsibilities and workflows, introduced the use of interview scorecards, and solidified their employee referral program.

Full disclosure: We’re not going to reveal their name, but the company in question delivers security and data services to an expanding customer base. They have over 1,000 employees at offices in the United States, Europe, and APAC. And since 2016, they’ve used Greenhouse to optimize their recruiting and onboarding practices while prioritizing recruiter and hiring manager alignment. Here’s how they did it.

Clear responsibilities and effective workflows

Greenhouse Recruiting provides structure to the hiring process, clearly differentiating hiring managers' and recruiters' responsibilities and tasks. This begins when opening a job and includes all the steps along the way such as managing all offer creation, approvals and updates within a candidate profile. Automated reminders also mean that no one feels like they have to constantly follow up with other hiring team members – Greenhouse takes care of that for them!

Beyond enabling the talent acquisition team to efficiently handle growth, Greenhouse Recruiting also saves time for hiring managers and other employees involved in interviewing and making new hires. The talent acquisition team at this particular tech company appreciated having a single platform and all information available to hiring managers at their fingertips:

All feedback is collected in Greenhouse so that the hiring manager can easily access this by candidate. This saves them a significant amount of time. The hiring manager doesn’t have to have a recap session, pull everyone together, and discuss the candidates.
IDC case study

Using Greenhouse has enabled the tech company's talent acquisition team to handle many more candidates than it otherwise could. With Greenhouse's automated features and improved flow of information between team members and dashboard functionalities, each team member can manage around two times more requisition requests. This equates to a productivity gain of nearly 100% across the talent acquisition team. As a result of using Greenhouse, the talent team could confidently handle significant growth in demand for new hires – without needing to hire additional members for their team.

This team achieved higher productivity which adds up to an average of $881,700 per year with Greenhouse. According to IDC, who conducted this case study, the automation and improved flow of information for each new hire also saved the company an average of $46,300 per year thanks to the creation of efficient hiring and onboarding processes.

Using scorecards to keep the hiring team on the same page

Which qualities and skills are necessary for a candidate to succeed in a particular role? Which questions should interviewers ask to assess candidates against this criteria? And how did the candidates measure up in their interviews? These are some of the most important questions a hiring team needs to consider. Without clear answers, the interview process can quickly devolve into an unstructured mess. With Greenhouse, scorecards become the central focus of the hiring process.

Scorecards empower a diverse user group.
Megan Weibler, Global Director of Recruiting at IDEO

In Megan’s case, scorecards allowed her teams at IDEO to create consistency in recruiting practices across multiple offices, while still maintaining flexibility for individual recruiters and hiring managers.

Recruiters and hiring managers define the scorecard attributes, hiring stages and interview questions when they kick off the hiring process for an open role. Interviewers use the scorecards to guide their discussions with candidates and share their feedback. Automated Greenhouse reminders prompt interviewers to provide their feedback soon after they’ve completed an interview while their impressions are still fresh. And it’s easy for both recruiters and hiring managers to review interviewer feedback so they each have a complete picture of candidates and feel more confident about their hiring decisions.

Boosting Engagement with a Robust Referral Program

For any company looking to adopt hiring best practices, employee referral programs make good business sense. Referred employees are hired faster, perform better, and stick around longer than employees coming from other sources. Greenhouse Recruiting and Greenhouse CRM have also helped the technology company establish a robust database of prospects to get a head start in identifying potential candidates. The company uses Greenhouse Recruiting to run its referral program.

Anyone with friends or people in their professional networks who could fit one of our open roles can easily add resumes into Greenhouse. The system tracks each one and credits any hire to the referrer for payment.
– Director of Talent Acquisition, Global Tech Company

Employees can also share any open jobs through social media and receive credit for any successful referral.

Greenhouse software allows the company to merge profiles of candidates who have applied for multiple jobs and identify previous applicants who may be a good fit for another open position.

The tech company now makes about one-third of its hires through internal referrals from this database, streamlining recruiting processes for these positions. This also removes some pressure from hiring managers and recruiters since the pipeline for open roles is often full of qualified applicants and they rarely have to feel like they’re starting from scratch with each new open role.

The ROI of Greenhouse and empowering better recruiter and hiring manager collaboration

Whether it’s clearly outlining roles and workflows, better preparing the hiring team with detailed scorecards or supporting a robust referral program, Greenhouse is here to help promote better recruiter and hiring manager alignment.

The results from this tech company are clear – this alignment truly pays off.

Want to learn more about the incredible results this tech company experienced by boosting recruiter and hiring manager alignment with Greenhouse? You can read the case study here.

Melissa Suzuno

Melissa Suzuno

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