From chaos to confidence: Why structured hiring is worth the effort

This session recording is from Greenhouse Open Forum: Join the Talent Makers 2021

Great hiring is not easy. It’s competitive, it’s dynamic and it requires systems, tools and processes to do well. Companies that do well at hiring win the best candidates, hire more diverse teams and build more inclusive workplaces. Structured hiring is the first and most important step to take toward making hiring a competitive advantage for your business. In this session, Jon Stross, President and Co-author of the Talent Makers book, will lead a discussion with industry leaders from Sidewalk Labs, KKR and Growth by Design Talent about why the effort, time and investment to adopt structured hiring is worth it.


  • Jon Stross, Greenhouse
  • Jan Fiegel, Sidewalk Labs, an Alphabet company
  • Jill Macri, Growth by Design Talent
  • Grace Koo, KKR

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