Structured hiring: How to achieve the best hiring outcomes

Why structured hiring leads to better outcomes

The goal of recruiting is to efficiently hire top talent for your organization. This is a straightforward objective that recruiters, hiring managers and executives can all get behind – but achieving it isn’t always easy.

At Greenhouse, we’ve seen how a strategic and consistent hiring process makes interviews more efficient, improves the candidate experience, reduces bias in your decisions and ultimately leads to better business outcomes.

This session features experts from Trivago, Scout24 and Greenhouse discussing the benefits of structured hiring and exploring specific examples of how standardizing your process can make your hiring team more effective.

In this session, you will get:

  • Detailed descriptions of each stage of the structured hiring process
  • Helpful insights from role kickoff to candidate roundup
  • Tips and tools for using structured hiring to make data-driven decisions, address unconscious bias and get time back in your day