Greenhouse Hiring Maturity success stories – Episode 2: Erin Wilson,

Greenhouse Hiring maturity curve and assessment graphic

In this limited podcast series, Greenhouse President and Co-founder Jon Stross sits down with talent leaders from leading companies to discuss their Hiring Maturity journeys.

In this episode, Jon invites Erin Wilson, Chief Talent Officer at, to share how his company climbed the Hiring Maturity curve. is the intelligent talent department of the future – utilizing people, proven methods and unique technology solutions to deliver talent to their global customer base.

Erin shares why this forward-thinking company believes in approaching hiring with a proactive, data-driven mindset in order to achieve their business goals.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • Erin's take on making data-driven hiring decisions – and why it's key to building a successful business
  • How embraced structured hiring as a strategic business must-have
  • Why supporting diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) requires the intention of technology combined with an organization-wide mindset.

When you weave structured interviewing and data into your hiring, you serve as both a proactive and strategic talent function.”

Erin Wilson

Chief Talent Officer

Erin Wilson

About Erin Wilson

Erin is a founder and the Chief Talent Officer for As the former Head of Talent from Brightroll, after leading People Tech Innovation for Yahoo, Erin went on to start a few organizations all of which are now focused on the maturity of hiring and improving experiences for those in the marketplace – one interview at a time.

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