Climbing the Greenhouse Hiring Maturity curve

Becoming great at hiring is more than a theory. At Greenhouse, we’ve worked with thousands of companies worldwide and seen firsthand how impactful an effective talent strategy is for business success. Companies like Talkdesk. Their talent team forms the backbone of the org, translating leadership’s strategic vision into operational strategy and executing against it.

We also know that companies move through a maturity curve as they get better at hiring over time. We’re using our Greenhouse Hiring Maturity curve as a model to help companies understand where they currently are and what they need to do to get better.

In this session with Jon Stross, Co-founder and President of Greenhouse, and Shauna Geraghty, SVP, Head of Global People and Operations at TalkDesk, you'll learn:

  • The characteristics of the four stages of Hiring Maturity: Chaotic, Inconsistent, Systematic and Strategic
  • How Shauna led Talkdesk from the bottom of the curve to the top in just one year
  • How companies can become more effective at hiring by understanding where they are on the curve

Is your hiring strategy ready for what’s next?

Learn more about Greenhouse Hiring Maturity and find out if your company is moving up the curve.

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