Creating scorecard rubrics

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Scorecards are fundamental to a structured and inclusive hiring strategy. Consistent candidate evaluation helps mitigate interviewer bias, reduce total interview time and drive a more evidence-based decision framework in selecting great talent.

Empowering interviewers with a scorecard rubric can help mitigate the need to infer the quality of candidates’ responses or assessments and keep hiring impartial and tied to skills, not instinct. In this eBook, we’ll equip you with resources to ensure your scorecards are designed to capture the information your interviewers should be looking for in their interactions with candidates.

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In this eBook you’ll learn:

  • How scorecard rubrics can help your hiring team make better decisions with specific, measurable criteria

  • How to set expectations for your interviewers on capturing objective evidence from their interviews with candidates

  • How structured interviews help mitigate interviewer bias 

  • How a well-designed process can help you predict job performance
Gary L. Davis

Gary L. Davis

(he/him), Greenhouse Inclusion Specialist, is a talent management and diversity leader with 10 years of expertise in strategy, engagement and program management in tech, nonprofit and education advocacy landscapes. He is passionate about integrating DE&I across the employee lifecycle to maximize engagement and organizational effectiveness.