How to build an inclusive recruiting process

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Check your bias and your list: A worksheet to help you assess your inclusive hiring

It’s a given that adding structure to any process enables efficiency – and that having better data leads to better decision-making. But have you ever thought about how structure and data can work together to create opportunities to reduce bias and enable more inclusive practices?

This means you’re assessing all candidates against the same criteria, using data instead of emotions and opening up more opportunities for those from underrepresented backgrounds. Go through the activities on this worksheet to bring inclusive structured hiring best practices to your team.

Example pages how to build an inclusive recruiting process worksheet

Use the worksheet to:

  • Assess the current state of your inclusive hiring, from the application process to interviews
  • Learn actionable steps for a more inclusive hiring process,
  • Revisit the checklist regularly to track your progress over time as you work to get measurably better