Greenhouse Hiring Maturity success stories – Episode 1: Lauren Holzer, The Knot Worldwide

Greenhouse Hiring maturity curve and assessment graphic

In this limited podcast series, Greenhouse President and Co-founder Jon Stross sits down with talent leaders from leading companies to discuss their Hiring Maturity journeys.

In this episode, Jon invites Lauren Holzer, Sr. Director, Global Talent Acquisition at The Knot Worldwide to share how her company climbed the Hiring Maturity curve. As a parent company celebrating life's biggest moments, The Knot Worldwide includes a number of high-profile brands, including: The Knot, WeddingWire and The Nest.

Lauren shares how this global suite of brands powers an organization-wide willingness to embrace talent acquisition as a winning business strategy.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • How to strategically pioneer a global hiring process, with learnings from Lauren's experience at The Knot Worldwide
  • Why your approach to hiring should embrace a "test and learn" mentality
  • When and how to engage senior leadership in order to build a holistic talent strategy

We’ve redefined success in recruiting – without getting too comfortable with how we define it.”

Lauren Holzer

Sr. Director, Global Talent Acquisition

Lauren Holzer

About Lauren Holzer

Lauren leads strategic global recruiting teams with the mission to hire high quality talent who perform. She has expertise in building and maturing the recruiting function at organizations by operationalizing and measuring the success of competency-based hiring practices while ensuring an inclusive and equitable hiring process for all candidates.

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