How IonQ streamlined their hiring process with Greenhouse

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Shifting from a research-oriented company to a manufacturing company required IonQ to completely rethink its hiring process to make it more structured, efficient and streamlined. Prior to Greenhouse, IonQ’s Talent Acquisition team was working on refining their hiring process since it was causing their interview process to be cumbersome at times and hindered the interviewer and candidate experience. It became clear that IonQ needed a more automated, streamlined and candidate-first system to keep up with the demand for top talent.

Through integrations with partners like ModernLoop, which allows companies to schedule interviews, resolve interview meeting conflicts, send day-of reminders and coordinate interviewers, as well as its own reporting tools and user templates, Greenhouse has been able to assist IonQ by making the hiring process more efficient and effective.

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We are immensely better at hiring thanks to Greenhouse. The time people sit as a candidate is down 10% and we’ve even surpassed our original headcount goal for the year while saving on personal spend for headcount. Rebecca Demarest Panzer, People Project Manager at IonQ

Learn how more robust reporting tools and a vast library of integration partners enable hiring success at scale.