Navigating diversity and inclusion: Reducing bias in your hiring process and workplace

Forward-thinking companies are constantly thinking about their diversity and inclusion efforts, however, even the best-intentioned companies have difficulty making meaningful progress. Unconscious bias impedes our ability to make data-driven decisions and as a result, it undermines objective hiring decisions, likely filtering out people from underrepresented backgrounds.

Watch Pattie Money, Chief People Officer at SendGrid and Urie Suhr, Former Director of Talent Acquisition at Collective(i), will discuss Reducing Bias In Your Hiring Processes & Workplace. Although unconscious bias can be pervasive throughout the entire hiring funnel, Pattie and Urie provide actionable ways they've worked to reduce bias in their organizations.

In this webinar you'll learn how to:

  • Get executive buy-in to prioritize diversity and inclusion efforts
  • Increase unconscious bias awareness in your Org
  • Standardize the interview process to reduce bias in the hiring process