The Greenhouse podcast: Talent Makers, featuring Jacqui Maguire and Johanny Mateo

TM podcast 2022

Talent Makers are leaders who believe that talent is their top business priority. Rather than seeing hiring solely as the role of People teams, Talent Makers champion better hiring and strengthen DE&I across their entire organizations to achieve business success. On the Greenhouse Talent Makers podcast, join host Micah Gebreyes, Senior Manager of Editorial Content at Greenhouse, as she sits down with hiring managers and recruiters who are changing the game in diverse and inclusive hiring.

In this episode, Micah is joined by Tacombi’s Jacqui Maguire, Vice President of People, and Johanny Mateo, Director of Talent. We’ll explore how the restaurant industry is embracing inclusive hiring and how innovative programs at Tacombi enable their employees to thrive.

Diverse and equitable hiring is both the right thing to do and the smart thing to do.”

Jacqui Maguire

VP, People at Tacombi

Jacqui Maguire photo

Getting buy-in from hiring managers is key to implementing new hiring processes.”

Johanny Mateo

Director of Talent at Tacombi

Johanny Mateo photo

Hiring isn't just about getting people through the door – it's also about getting them to stay.”

Micah Gebreyes

Senior Manager of Editorial Content at Greenhouse

Micah Gebreyes photo

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Special thanks to our production partner, Wonder Media Network. Our producer is Alana Herlands and our production assistant is Sara Schleede, with additional production assistance from Lila Watts. Our Greenhouse producer is Marnie Williams.

About Jacqui Maguire

Jacqui Maguire is the VP of People at Tacombi, which connects people to Mexico through hospitality at their neighborhood taquerias. Jacqui discovered her passion for working with people while working in various roles in the hospitality industry.

She aims to combine that experience, her B.A. in Hospitality Management from Boston University and her experience building and leading Talent teams at high growth tech start-ups like Venmo and Greenhouse Software, to create great experiences for candidates, employees and guests.

About Johanny Mateo

Johanny is the Director of Talent at Tacombi where she's building and leading the talent acquisition and development programs for Tacombi Taquerias and Vista Hermosa. Johanny has built a successful career in talent in the hospitality world, working for four years in Recruiting Strategy at Chipotle before joining Baldor Specialty Foods to lead their Talent Acquisition and Development team.

She brings passion and knowledge to her role gained from her BA in English Language and Literature from Fayetteville University and her M.S. in Organizational Leadership, Human Resources Management from Colorado State University.

About Micah Gebreyes

Micah is Senior Manager of Editorial Content at Greenhouse where she builds the editorial strategy for Greenhouse blogs, social media and thought leadership newsletter, Modern Recruiter. When she's not working to bring the brand story to life, she enjoys cocktail lounges and lavishly spoiling her Instagram famous Pomeranian, Cashew.

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