Creating an inclusive hiring process

Is it really a pipeline problem? While working to close gaps in the educational pipeline is critically important, it’s only part of the equation – Paradigm has found that 98% of organizations already have a candidate pool more racially/ethnically diverse than their current workforce.

In this webinar, Paradigm’s CEO Joelle Emerson and Greenhouse’s Inclusion Specialist Gary L. Davis will outline how companies can attract and hire a more diverse workforce through more rigorous, inclusive, and equitable processes.

View this webinar for a step-by-step guide to:

  • Attract a diverse candidate pool
  • Measure and report on how candidates move through the hiring funnel
  • Build structured hiring processes that help manage unconscious bias and increase objective decision making
  • Embed these processes into your HR technology systems

Joelle and Gary will also give examples of how best-in-class companies have evolved their hiring processes, and how it impacted their workforce.

Joelle Emerson

Founder & CEO at Paradigm
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Gary L. Davis
Inclusion Specialist @Greenhouse
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