The Greenhouse podcast: People-first, featuring Chris Rainey and Natasha Rainey

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People-first companies prioritize their people and foster a culture of hiring. They understand that people are their most valuable asset, so they treat all their people practices – especially hiring – as strategic, rather than administrative, functions. On the Greenhouse podcast: People-first, join host Donald Knight, Chief People Officer at Greenhouse, as he sits down with individuals at innovative organizations to discover how these companies prioritize their people.

In this episode, Donald is joined by Chris Rainey, Founder & CEO of HR Leaders and host of the HR Leaders podcast, and Natasha Rainey, Founder of All Inclusive Media and host of the All Inclusive Podcast. Listen as Donald, Natasha, and Chris get real about how important it is to lead with empathy. You'll also learn how employers can build trust by being vulnerable and authentic.

Natasha Rainey

People-first leadership is making sure that your employees feel comfortable, valued and supported.”

Natasha Rainey

Founder & Host, All Inclusive Podcast, All Inclusive Media

Chris Rainey

Great leaders genuinely care. Be curious and ask questions, but also be vulnerable yourself.”

Chris Rainey

Founder & CEO of HR Leaders, HR Leaders, HR Leaders podcast

Donald Knight

Being people-first empowers leaders to figure out how to become an ally for their employees.”

Donald Knight

Chief People Officer, Greenhouse

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Special thanks to our production partner, Wonder Media Network. Our producer is Brittany Martinez, and our supporting producer is Sara Schleede, with additional production assistance from Lila Watts. Our Greenhouse producer is Marnie Williams.

About Natasha Rainey

Natasha is the Founder of All Inclusive Media and Host of the All Inclusive Podcast. With over 11 years of experience in financial services, Natasha brings a unique perspective to her DEI-focused podcast. She possesses a strong skill set, including active listening, empathy, cultural competence, communication skills and a deep knowledge of DEI issues.

After becoming a mother, Natasha was inspired to pursue a career that aligned with her passion for making the world a better place for her child and everyone. Through the All Inclusive Podcast, she shares stories and insights from leaders in the DEI movement, creating opportunities for listeners to learn, connect, and gain a deeper understanding of other people's experiences. Natasha hopes to inspire leaders and organizations to embrace diversity and foster more inclusive workspaces.


About Chris Rainey

Chris is Co-founder and CEO of HR Leaders, a digital media platform and community that is shaping the future of work, for business and for the lasting benefit of society. Chris is also host of the worlds #1 HR Podcast where he chats with industry experts and HR executives from the world's leading global brands including Coca-Cola, Unilever, Walmart, Facebook, LinkedIn, Nike, McDonald’s and Microsoft.

After battling with anxiety and depression in silence for many years Chris is now a Wellbeing advocate sharing his personal journey and experience to help raise the collective consciousness about mental health and wellbeing.


About Donald Knight

Donald is the CPO at Greenhouse Software. He leads with a people-first mentality hoping to unlock the potential of Greenhouse talent globally. With a laser focus on the connection between people and the processes that serve them, Donald and his team create proximity by building bridges focusing on enhanced experiences that nurture culture and develop people. He is responsible for providing global strategy and leadership in developing, overseeing and administering people programs.

Before Greenhouse, Donald served as Senior Vice President of Global Talent for Edelman, where he helped shape the HR brand as a proactive, insightful and collaborative solution provider.


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