The Talent Maker’s guide to inclusive hiring

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An inclusive hiring guide for every Talent Maker

If you’re a Talent Maker, you’re a leader who believes and acts as if hiring great talent is your top priority. Maybe you’re a VP of Sales, a Director of Talent Operations, or a CEO – no matter your leadership role, you’ve moved away from the traditional belief that talent acquisition is solely the role of recruiters.

To attract great, competitive talent that can choose to work anywhere, the Talent Maker needs to put their personal efforts up front, and get the force of their entire organization behind them.

One thing that every Talent Maker knows is the importance of being a people-first company, and the power of inclusive hiring. It isn’t just the right thing to do – it’s the smart thing to do. However, some may not know how to help their organization get there.

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In this guide, you’ll gain:

  • An understanding of how Talent Makers in your company – the talent leaders, talent magnets and talent partners – can help establish and amplify inclusive hiring
  • A hands-on exercise to help you evaluate your inclusive hiring practices
  • Actionable advice and next steps for improving

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