Fostering inclusive hiring: How Pine Gate Renewables prioritizes equity for candidates

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We recently announced the Talent Makers® award finalists. And now we’re thrilled to introduce you to the talent leader winner, Tasha Ridder, Director of Talent at Pine Gate Renewables.

Being a talent leader means building a culture of inclusive hiring and making it a priority for the whole company. Tasha’s nominator, made it clear that Tasha’s approach to inclusive hiring doesn’t simply guide the talent team, but it inspires and motivates the entire company.

Shining a light on an industry where inclusion hasn’t always been a priority

Tasha is committed to creating an equitable and consistent candidate and new hire experience in an industry where that hasn’t always been the case. Women and people of color have typically been underrepresented in the solar industry, but Tasha’s thoughtful approach to hiring and onboarding is transforming the makeup at Pine Gate Renewables.

Tasha’s nominator explained Tasha’s impact on her personally, “When I first started, I was nervous about entering a white male-dominated career. Tasha showed me how to be fierce and professional all at the same time and showed me why I deserve to be here just as much as the next person.”

Prioritizing internal mobility enhances employee experience

Tasha believes that internal mobility can be a powerful way to retain and motivate employees – but only when it’s treated with the same rigor and consistency as the external application process. The “seven-day rule” she instituted requires hiring managers to post jobs internally and externally for seven days. This practice ensures that internal candidates have equal opportunities to explore and apply for positions alongside external candidates.

Strategic partnerships ensure equitable candidate and new hire experiences

As a talent leader, Tasha recognizes that she can have more impact when she partners with others. A few of the strategic partnerships she’s engaged in include:

  • Collaborating with the VP of HR Operations to establish equitable compensation practices
  • Working with the VP of Culture & Impact to write gender-neutral job descriptions
  • Forging relationships with local colleges and encouraging talent team members to attend career fairs and other in-person events to attract talent

Pine Gate’s workforce now surpasses industry standards in terms of its representation of women and people of color – and Tasha is committed to seeing these numbers grow. In 2024, she’s planning to double down on diverse employee referrals and partnerships with outside organizations.

The 3 A’s approach to being a talent leader

Describing her approach to her work, Tasha said she focuses on the three A’s: attract, align and adjust.

Attracting involves figuring out the best partners and ways to find talent. “My advice: Start small and be creative in how you attract talent,” said Tasha. She recommends using free tools like your company’s LinkedIn page to promote your environment and culture.

Aligning means thinking about your business goals and how you can tell your story. “Structured interviews and making sure people are evaluated fairly is the number one place to start,” Tasha said.

And finally, adjusting is necessary because things are always changing. Tasha recommended checking in on your progress every six months to benchmark and decide how to move forward. “Adjust your plan to make it work,” suggested Tasha.

Join us in congratulating Tasha for this well-deserved award!

Curious to learn even more about our Talent Makers award winners? Watch this space! In the coming weeks we’ll be doing deep dives on each winner so you can learn more about how they bring the Talent Maker values to life.

Learn more about how Pine Gate Renewables builds a culture of inclusive hiring in this case study.

Melissa Suzuno

Melissa Suzuno

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