Becoming a DE&I change agent

When it comes to recruiting, there's so much pressure to hire top talent that it's very tempting to do whatever it takes to hire the most skilled, most sought after candidates. So difficult, in fact, that companies stray from their core values, their employer brand, or their mission statement in order to make hires happen.

To complicate matters, unconscious bias in the hiring process undermines evidence-based hiring decisions and leads to more homogenous organizations and even wage disparity. The result is less strategic, less innovative and therefore less attractive to top talent. In fact, 69% of candidates in Hired's 2019 Wage Inequality Report said they would be more interested in working for a company that publicly publishes their internal salary data.

And while diversity, equity and inclusion are often part of a company's public mission, this webinar will help explain how to make that mission a reality and become an agent for change in your company.

Key learnings:

  • Getting buy-in needed to truly impact DE&I
  • Operationalizing pay equity and total compensation
  • Recruiting strategies to build more diverse teams