Mindfulness and diversity: Discover the science behind bias and how to create change with compassion

This session recording is from Greenhouse Open Forum: Building Belonging 2021

A refreshing take on diversity, you’ll learn the science behind biases and how the practice of mindfulness helps free us from past conditioning and habitual patterns. Learn how to remove the filters and preconceived ideas that shape our perceptions and cloud our consciousness. This moving and deeply transformative experience is unlike any other diversity training on the market and will help your team break through the barriers that hold us back from thriving. Justin and Shauna model the power of coming together – across gender, age, race and sexual orientation – offering an inclusive and compassionate interactive keynote to help your team find deeper connection with one another.


  • Justin Michael Williams, Author, speaker and musician
  • Shauna Shapiro, Ph.D, Professor at Santa Clara University

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