The Greenhouse podcast: Talent Makers, featuring Massella Dukuly and Vim Busayaraungrat

TM podcast 2022

Talent Makers are leaders who believe that talent is their top business priority. Rather than seeing hiring solely as the role of People teams, Talent Makers champion better hiring and strengthen DE&I across their entire organizations to achieve business success. On the Greenhouse Talent Makers podcast, join host Micah Gebreyes, Senior Manager of Editorial Content at Greenhouse, as she sits down with hiring managers and recruiters who are changing the game in diverse and inclusive hiring.

In this episode, Micah is joined by LifeLabs Learning's Massella Dukuly, Director of Team Enablement and Vim Busayaraungrat, team lead. We’ll discuss how to build a more intentionally inclusive work environment and the benefits of recruiters conducting candidate interviews consistently.

Always treat candidates with respect and remember that the interview process is a two-way street.”

Massella Dukuly

Director of Team Enablement at LifeLabs Learning

Massella Dukuly photo

LifeLabs has taught me to defy the norms – and always ask questions.”

Vim Busayaraungrat

Talent Lead at LifeLabs Learning

Vim Busayaraungrat photo

While we can't completely rid ourselves of bias, we can and should mitigate it.”

Micah Gebreyes

Senior Manager of Editorial Content at Greenhouse

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About Massella Dukuly

Massella is the Director of Team Enablement at LifeLabs Learning, where she helps Labmates become world-class in their roles, catalyzes high performance, and creates a team culture that supports engagement, learning, diversity and inclusion. Massella has an MBA with a focus on leadership development and organizational change.

Her areas of expertise include talent development, employee engagement, optimizing CX team performance, and helping teams scale effectively.

About Vim Busayaraungrat

Vim is the Talent Lead at LifeLabs Learning. Her expertise is in hiring, employee motivation and retention. At LifeLabs Learning, Vim has specialized in HR, People Operations, Finance and Contracts. She’s currently specializing in hiring and recruiting. Vim has a Master’s degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology with a focus on employee selection, satisfaction and development.

About Micah Gebreyes

Micah is Senior Manager of Editorial Content at Greenhouse where she builds the editorial strategy for Greenhouse blogs, social media and thought leadership newsletter, Modern Recruiter. When she's not working to bring the brand story to life, she enjoys cocktail lounges and lavishly spoiling her Instagram famous Pomeranian, Cashew.

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