Structured hiring

Better decision-making starts with structured hiring

Our approach to structured hiring empowers companies to facilitate stronger recruiter and hiring manager alignment, improve candidate experience and ultimately make better hires.
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Here’s how structured hiring works.

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What is structured hiring?

Structured hiring defines the role, requirements, experience and attributes a successful candidate needs to have – before a job is opened. It provides a consistent and equitable interviewing experience for everyone involved. The core tenets of a structured hiring approach are:

  • The ideal candidate is defined by the business objectives of the job
  • A deliberate process and rubric are used to assess all candidates
  • Hiring decisions are based on data and evidence, not a feeling or whim

This customer support page has more information on setting up a structured hiring process.

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Structured hiring improves every part of the process

When you standardize your hiring process, your hiring team can be more effective. You’ll impress candidates, engage hiring managers and rally your organization around this critical business function.

  • Interview planning, prep kits and candidate scorecards keep everyone organized
  • Automated tasks and reminders help you to stay on track
  • Scorecards outline key attributes for a candidate’s success with hiring managers to eliminate chaos and keep everyone aligned
  • The job kickoff form helps you collaborate and align with hiring managers on what success looks like for new roles
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Smarter decisions based on data

The Greenhouse architecture and data model captures every action and displays a holistic view of your hiring efforts through beautiful visualizations and a robust set of automated reporting tools. You can:

  • Analyze and share 30+ pre-built reports
  • Connect reports to Google Sheets and seamlessly refresh for easy analysis and collaboration
  • Leverage machine learning with Offer Forecast to make sure roles are on track based on target offer acceptance and start dates
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Address unconscious bias in the moment

Ensure all candidates are fairly and consistently evaluated based on their skills and experience. We can help you:

  • Remind interviewers to evaluate for pre-set skills criteria with in-the-moment nudges
  • Level the playing field for candidates with anonymous assessments
  • Create the same seamless experience for every candidate
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Make sure your investment in hiring pays off

Onboarding is the last phase of the hiring process, and sets the tone and likelihood of success for new hires in their new roles. With a strategic and highly organized process in place, your new employees will be well prepared and excited to contribute.

  • Integrate new hires into the team more quickly
  • Design personal welcome experiences
  • Apply consistent and fair processes
  • Keep everything moving forward with automated tasks
  • Build a foundation for constant improvement

Is your hiring strategy ready for what’s next?

Learn more about Greenhouse Hiring Maturity and find out if your company is moving up the curve.

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