Why you should care about Hiring Maturity

Companies go through a maturity curve as they improve their hiring performance. Greenhouse helps companies at every stage of the curve enhance their recruiting practices and workflows to get to a place of consistent excellence, so they’re ready to hire for whatever’s next for their business.
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Climbing the Greenhouse Hiring Maturity curve

Discover Greenhouse’s Hiring Maturity methodology for how companies can assess the effectiveness of their hiring. Learn about the characteristics of the four stages of Hiring Maturity.

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Listen now to discover how each featured company moved up the Greenhouse Hiring Maturity curve (and how your company can, too), what talent leaders consider when building a winning hiring strategy and why a whole-company talent mindset is key to business success.

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Great organizations prioritize these focus areas to improve their hiring

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Identifying and attracting talent

Successful hiring starts with finding the right people for the right roles at the right time. There are a number of elements to becoming great at talent attraction, like:

  • Investing in your career page
  • Prioritizing DE&I programs and strategies for a more inclusive hiring process
  • Measuring and reporting on sourcing channels
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Hiring experience

Creating a great hiring experience goes beyond making candidates feel comfortable, informed and valued. A great hiring experience includes:

  • A structured and streamlined experience to engage your hiring managers and recruiting team
  • A feedback loop for candidate experience to identify areas of opportunity
  • Goes all the way through onboarding to make new hires feel welcome
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Hiring decision-making

Better decision-making requires thoughtful planning and resource allotment to ensure you’re creating a repeatable, scalable process that sets you up for success. To make informed hiring decisions you should:

  • Host kickoff meetings for new roles to determine key details before you even open the job
  • Embrace structured hiring to collect feedback and data at every touchpoint
  • Create a data-driven approval process to mitigate bias
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Operational excellence

Hiring talented individuals consistently is your goal. How your team uses hiring data and shares information with stakeholders, and how you are setting goals and measuring success are vital if you want to make hiring a competitive advantage:

  • Make sure your team has the right reporting and share-back processes in place
  • Build a recruiter capacity planning system to become more predictive
  • Audit the tools your team uses and make sure that most, if not all, are as integrated as possible

With Greenhouse, we’ve created a standardized recruiting process across the org. Our talent team is a strategic business partner and a top performing group within the company.”

Shauna Geraghty

SVP, Head of Global People and Operations

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