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Tracking your ascent up the Greenhouse Hiring Maturity curve

The Greenhouse Hiring Maturity™ methodology and curve will help you determine what stage of hiring your company is currently at, and also allow you to identify areas to improve based on your specific team's needs and priorities. In this set of worksheets, we've create a set of checklists to help you decide which activities to focus on and how you're progressing up the Hiring Maturity curve across four key competency areas.

Sample pages of the Talent Makers worksheet

Use the worksheets to:

  • Check off activities, tactics and strategies that your team wants to focus on
  • Evaluate which competency areas are most important based on your team and company's business priorities
  • Revisit the checklist at regular interviews to track your progress over time as you work to get measurably better at hiring
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Become a Talent Maker

We’re leading a new conversation about hiring because the companies that are great at bringing on the right people have a clear advantage. Here’s what they do differently.
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50 ways to be a Talent Maker

We’ve developed this guide on 50 ways to be a Talent Maker based on our experiences working with hiring managers, recruiting teams and business leaders at companies of all sizes and industries.

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