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Use this workbook and the included self-assessment to evaluate how you're performing as a Talent Maker in your company

Becoming great at hiring isn't just about the hiring team or having highly effective recruiters. A critical piece of becoming great at hiring is a company-wide commitment drive by leaders who believe that the talent they hire and retain is their strategic business advantage.

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In this workbook, you'll:

  • Find a detailed look at the three roles every Talent Maker should embrace
  • Access an interactive worksheet to evaluate how you're prioritizing and performing as a Talent Maker in each role
  • Find out how well you are putting these practices into action at your company
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Become a Talent Maker

We’re leading a new conversation about hiring because the companies that are great at bringing on the right people have a clear advantage. Here’s what they do differently.
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50 ways to be a Talent Maker

We’ve developed this guide on 50 ways to be a Talent Maker based on our experiences working with hiring managers, recruiting teams and business leaders at companies of all sizes and industries.

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