How Datadog climbed the Hiring Maturity curve

Learn how consistent, structured hiring was key to Datadog’s successful global expansion. This on-demand webinar features experts from Greenhouse and Datadog.

At Greenhouse, we’ve learned that companies move up our Hiring Maturity™ curve from chaotic to strategic as they get better at hiring over time. Using this model, we’ll explore how Datadog climbed the Greenhouse Hiring Maturity curve while doubling their global headcount.

In this webinar, you’ll get a deeper understanding of:

  • The four stages of Hiring Maturity – Chaotic, inconsistent, systematic and strategic
  • How Datadog uses data-driven feedback loops to continually improve their hiring process
  • How to improve the core competencies of hiring – using Datadog as a primary example
  • Why a consistent, structured hiring experience has been key for Datadog’s global expansion

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