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The must-read hiring book is available everywhere books are sold. Here are a few reasons why you should get your copy of Talent Makers.

Let’s talk about the state of talent. It’s becoming increasingly clear that great talent has more job choices today than ever. This means that leaders need to be Talent Makers™ and fundamentally shift away from the traditional belief that talent acquisition is a role reserved solely for recruiters. A Talent Maker drives organizational change, puts their personal efforts up front and empowers their entire organization to make hiring a priority. By doing this, they’re able to make it a competitive advantage and attract and retain great employees.

Greenhouse co-founders Daniel Chait and Jon Stross show you how to be successful in their new book, Talent Makers: How the best organizations win through structured and inclusive hiring. Previously, we explained how this book is valuable to you whether you’re a CEO, Talent Acquisition Manager, VP of Sales or hiring manager. Now that the book is available everywhere, we’d like to give you a few more reasons to get your hands on a copy, if you haven’t preordered yours already.

Why should you read this book?

You want to take your hiring from chaotic to strategic

Your company’s ability to hire and retain the right people is a business necessity – but the reality is that many companies are in a state of chaos when it comes to hiring. Maybe there’s mistrust between the recruiters and their business partners, or perhaps your company’s recruiting is mostly reactive and focused on staying afloat. No matter where you fall on the Greenhouse Hiring Maturity™ curve, Talent Makers is the ultimate guide to creating a world-class hiring system at your company.

In a recent Hiring for what’s next podcast episode, special guest host George LaRocque, Principal Analyst and Founder of WorkTech, sat down with Daniel and Jon to dig into the Hiring Maturity philosophy. Even if your hiring isn’t chaotic, it may be inconsistent, where a recruiter is great at their job but if they take a day off or leave the company, you fall right back into chaos. Daniel mentions that “Even if you have that ‘hero’ recruiter, when you try to scale that fragile process, it usually doesn't work so well.” This book will help you put your company in context and figure out the right next steps toward a consistent and strategic process.

You need actionable strategies for creating more inclusive teams

You know the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) – but it can sometimes feel like a buzzy term or an elusive goal. In Talent Makers, you’ll learn tangible advice from great companies like Whole Foods Market, Alphabet and HubSpot that have become magnets for top talent.

Experienced executives at these and many other leading companies share their strategies, like how to tangibly reduce bias in hiring decisions, create opportunities for more diverse candidates and build higher-performing, more inclusive teams.

In this thoughtful, research-backed book, Dan and Jon provide a compelling framework and data-driven tools for leaders who increasingly realize the value of DE&I and want actionable strategies for bringing about change. It maps out the path to more fair hiring practices that block implicit biases and allows companies to become better at hiring.
–Shelley Correll, Professor of Sociology and, by courtesy, Organizational Behavior, Stanford University

You want to learn how to be a catalyst for change

Smart organizations know that strategic hiring isn’t just the responsibility of the recruiting team. Your entire team – from the CEO to hiring managers to anyone else involved in interviewing – needs to commit to structured processes to attract and retain the best people.

On the recent podcast with George LaRocque, Jon states, “Whether you're running an engineering team or sales team, or a product team – you need to recognize that in addition to that function, you also have this other equally important part of your job, which is to build the team and attract the people.”

If you can predictably and quickly bring on the very best talent, you can solve most business problems.
–Jon Stross, on the Hiring for what’s next podcast

Even though it continues to be overlooked or underfunded, hiring is everything, and it’s the key to business success. Jason Lemkin, Founder and CEO of SaaStr, stands by his belief that “nothing else really matters but the team you build. Your company is not your product, or even your customers. It's your team.” He goes on to say that “Daniel and Jon have been the single most innovative leaders in hiring in business software, leaning in very early on bringing the sort of powers to find, manage and empower talent to every business – something that used to just be reserved for the elite in tech.”

If you want to read one single ‘business book’ on how to win, it should be one about great teams. Read Talent Makers.
–Jason Lemkin, Investor, business partner, founder and CEO of SaaStr and SaaStr Fund

Other fun reasons to read Talent Makers

You’re looking for an interesting, non-stuffy book to read

This is not just a business book, and it’s not just a hiring book. While it definitely offers tons of practical suggestions for practitioners interested in improving hiring processes, it’s most importantly a powerful discussion with leaders, for leaders, in a conversational non-boring tone that resonates.

You’re not reading this book so you can become ‘sort of okay’ at hiring. You want to become head-and-shoulders-above-the-rest-great at hiring, correct? If the answer is yes, then that means you are pursuing talent that is also superior.
–Daniel Chait and Jon Stross, Greenhouse Co-founders and authors of Talent Makers

You’ll need a book to read in transit

As public transportation begins to resume regular schedules again, that means more waiting on subway, BART or tube platforms – and all the fun that comes with it. Talent Makers is the perfect book to accompany you on your daily commute, or journeys to connect with friends again. Why not distract yourself from the fact that you’re back to being packed in with strangers on a crowded train by learning how to be great at hiring? It’s called being agile.

You’d like to switch up your content consumption

Take things back to the basics by digging into a nice physical book that you can hold, feel and absorb the old-school way. Podcasts are the new “it-girls,” but books are familiar favorites that have always been there for you. Here’s your opportunity to re-appreciate one of the most timeless and classic ways to consume information (but if you are looking for a podcast to add to your list, we recommend this one).

No matter your reasoning, strategic or trivial, this book will help you be better – a better partner, a better listener, a better leader and a better manager. If any of this resonates with you, we encourage you to read Talent Makers, and discover how to make hiring your competitive advantage.

Ready to take your hiring to the next level? Get your copy of Talent Makers: How the best organizations win through structured and inclusive hiring today.

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