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Take the hassle out of interview scheduling

Bringing the right people on board is critical to a company’s success, and Greenhouse is the ideal applicant tracking system for helping employers identify a qualified pool of candidates. But narrowing the list through live interviews remains a major obstacle for everyone involved - hiring managers, recruiters, and candidates alike.

Interview coordinators have to juggle interviewer and candidate availability, line up panel and manager interviews, reserve conference rooms and deal with last-minute changes. A great deal of time is wasted on logistics rather than high-valued activities and top talent can be lost out on.

With its patent-protected technology, Reschedge offers an industry-first solution designed to automate the scheduling and rescheduling of interviews. A sophisticated rule-based algorithm is used to combine interview requirements, hiring manager availability, and resource constraints to offer the best possible schedule options. From simple one-on-one interviews, through to panel interviews and all-day sequence of interviews, Reschedge can handle it all in a matter of seconds.

By integrating Greenhouse with Reschedge, you can get more out of your Greenhouse platform. The Reschedge interview scheduling process can be initiated directly from Greenhouse by a click of a button. Reschedge fields are automatically prepopulated with data from Greenhouse, eliminating the need to enter information twice. When a schedule is selected, Reschedge adds an event in the interviewers’ calendar with a link to the interview kit and scorecard in Greenhouse. Once the scheduling process is done, the results are synced back to Greenhouse, updating the interview details for the candidate. Together, Reschedge and Greenhouse make interview scheduling a breeze.