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The power of a Talent Maker

There’s a common thread among high-functioning, high-growth teams and companies: they believe in the value of great hiring. From finding and attracting top talent to nurturing employees to be their best selves, these are the people who build successful teams. We call them Talent Makers™.

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The Talent Makers film – How Greenhouse walks the walk by empowering people to be their most authentic selves at work.

Meet the Talent Makers – Hear from today’s leading Talent Makers as they describe the value of creating a culture of great hiring.

Who is a Talent Maker?

A Talent Maker isn’t just someone who believes in the power of hiring great talent – they live it with their actions. They make it their mission to be a catalyst for change at their organization, whether they’re a recruiter, a manager hiring for their team or a C-suite executive.

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There are three types of Talent Makers who help drive a culture of nurturing talent.

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The one who attracts strong, diverse talent

The talent magnet inspires others to want to work with you. You can make your own professional story come to life and motivate others to build upon your organization’s hiring brand.

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The one who jumps in to help hiring teams

The talent partner collaborates and engages with recruiting, helping support data-driven hiring decisions while never losing sight of the company values that will only make the culture stronger.

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The one who models a better way to hire

The talent leader embodies what it means to support and promote a hiring culture of inclusivity, diversity and excellence. You help build and lead a culture that understands hiring is a top priority for business success.

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