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A Customer Preferred Partner for candidate engagement. Text, send bulk messages, and automate communication all within Greenhouse.


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Regions supported North America, EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa), APAC (Asia Pacific), South America
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Texting and Automation For Modern Hiring Teams

Brands like Bayada, GoDaddy, eBay, and DoorDash leverage Grayscale’s texting and automation platform to engage their talent and create a white glove candidate experience.

As a “Customer Preferred Partner,” we offer the deepest texting integration and most power automation capabilities with Greenhouse. With Grayscale, you’ll unlock...

- Texting in Greenhouse
- Campaigns / Bulk Messaging
- Powerful Automations
- SMS Interview Reminders
- Candidate NPS Surveys
- Text Apply

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Grayscale | Texting & Automation’s High Volume Hiring Platform is designed to help recruiters streamline and automate a high-touch candidate experience at scale.


Texting in Greenhouse

Start texting your candidates, directly from inside Greenhouse. Grayscale is designed so your team never has to leave Greenhouse to engage your talent.

Campaigns / Bulk Messaging

Easily get the word out about new openings, nurture relationships, and keep candidates warm with drip campaigns.

Powerful Automations

Automate a high touch candidate experience and onboarding process. Send personalized messages based on actions in Greenhouse (stage change, interview scheduled, hired/rejected, start date, etc.).

SMS Interview Reminders

Schedule an interview (via Greenhouse, Calendly, GoodTime, etc.) and Grayscale automatically sends SMS reminders to your candidates before the interview.

Candidate NPS Surveys

Track your candidate experience and get actionable feedback with Grayscale’s surveys, sent via SMS and triggered by stage change to ensure the highest response rate.

Text Apply

Boost your candidate flow by as much as 30% overnight with ‘text apply’. Candidates text a keyword (e.g. ‘JOBS’) to a short code number (e.g. 89743) to explore openings and apply.

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