Starred automatically collects all Candidate and Hiring Manager Feedback and shows you how to improve your Candidate Experience


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Automated Candidate Experience Feedback solution

Starred is an automated feedback solution that plugs right into your Greenhouse pipeline. You’re in complete control over when and how you survey your candidates, recruiters, and hiring managers. Our integration runs in the background, so your recruiters can get back to their usual work with no extra admin needed. The Starred dashboards let you segment the data on all business levels, such as per recruiter, department, country, job role, demographics, etc. Our algorithm then measures what has the biggest impact, so we can help you prioritize your next steps to make better data-driven decisions.

Why Starred:

  • Measure all Candidate Journey stages: rejected, withdrawn, and hired

  • Hiring Manager Experience

  • Measure D&I in your hiring process

  • Seamless set-up: you’ll be live within 30 days - that’s a promise!

  • Fully customizable surveys in your own branding

  • Highest response rates

  • Prioritized next steps, segmented data, and benchmarks

  • Candidate NPS

  • Enterprise-ready (ISO27001 certified, Data Access Policies, etc)

Fully customizable

Starred puts you in the driver’s seat. Send surveys to rejected, withdrawn or hired candidates, and hiring managers at any stage of the candidate journey! You decide what to ask and when - you’re not limited to standardized feedback forms. Create your own surveys or choose one from our extensive template gallery and send it out without a worry.

Starred invites and surveys are respondent-friendly, fully designed in your own branding and perfected to get you the highest response rates. The first question is already included in your invitation to boost click-throughs; the intuitive feedback forms are automatically optimized across all devices.

React to feedback

Feedback should be a conversation - that’s where our firefighting emails come in. You’ll be alerted when a candidate said they had a negative experience, allowing you to follow up, regain control of the situation and close the feedback loop. Automatically send happy candidates to review platforms such as Glassdoor, or ask them for a referral to expand your candidate pool.

Data made actionable

We understand you and your team are busy as is - instead of just showing you data, we show you your prioritized next steps. What has the biggest impact on your candidate experience? And what requires your focus first? Besides benchmarking your results internally on levels such as department, country, hiring manager, job role, etc., you can see how you compare to the industry. Our completely flexible BI dashboards let us create any additional dashboard your organization may need. A Recruiter Performance Matrix, you ask? Coming right up! You want a world map showing the NPS score of all the countries your candidates are from? No problem!

Measure D&I in your hiring process
If you have EEOC questions enabled and you value an inclusive hiring process, then this will be interesting: we can provide you with insights on what your candidates from certain demographics and underrepresented groups think of your hiring process' inclusivity.

Use Starred data to coach your team

The experience data that Starred collects can and should be used to improve your team’s performance. We found a way to help your recruiters improve while fueling positive competition and giving the hard workers the recognition they deserve. The Recruiter Performance Matrix helps you unveil the strengths and areas of improvement of every player on your team. You can use this to understand what each recruiter can learn from the others so that your team can strive to deliver the best experience to the candidates and hiring managers.