Evaluate developers' technical skills as part of your screening process with CodinGame Assessment.

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The hassle-free way to test developers' skills before hiring

What's CodinGame?

CodinGame strive to help companies looking to hire skilled programmers (Bank of America, Nintendo, Ubisoft, Warner Bros, etc.). Clients turn to their all-in-one tech recruiting platform **CodinGame for Work** to source, screen and retain tech talent.

Their flagship product is **CodinGame Assessment**: a pre-employment technical testing solution. Recruiters use CodinGame Assessment to evaluate developers’ technical skills as part of their screening process. CodinGame's solution helps them quickly, efficiently and fairly shortlist developers (based on their coding skills).

How does CodinGame Assessment work?

First, users are invited to build a coding test. They can either automate the whole set up, pick and choose from CodinGame’s library of coding questions, or, create their own custom exercises.

Once a coding test is ready-to-go, it can be sent out to candidates (a smart invitation template is available).

Developer candidates receive a quick access link and can take the test, online, in their own time and space. CodinGame underline the fact that their tests (including gamified coding exercises) provide for a tech-friendly candidate experience.

Finally, once a programming test has been submitted, CodinGame Assessment users receive a detailed results report. The platform awards a global and comparative score per candidate, but users can also access each applicant’s specific answers.