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How Taco Comfort Solutions modernized its recruiting process and saved over $100K in recruitment costs

We’ve all faced growing pains, which were especially prevalent during recent economic turbulence. For Taco Comfort Solutions, these pains materialized in the form of antiquated HR functions that…

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Ready for international hiring? First, create a sustainable global hiring strategy

We spoke with Anessa Fike, CEO and Founder of Fike + Co, about how companies can create a successful international hiring strategy. Read the recap.

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Want happier, more productive employees? Seriously consider the impact of remote work

Culture leader Elizabeth Bille from EVERFI shared her thoughts on remote work. We discussed its impact on productivity and DE&I. Read the recap in this blog.

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How to increase employee engagement: Lessons from L&D experts

Investing in your talent isn’t just good business – it’s one of the best ways to stay ahead in a competitive talent market. To gain more insight into how to build an impactful and supportive L&D function, we spoke with Greenhouse L&D experts, Will Leahy, VP of People Development & Business Partners and Minji Lew, Director of People Development. Read on to learn about their top five tips for developing a successful L&D program that increases employee engagement and retention.

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The future of hiring: Essential lessons from SXSW 2023

The Greenhouse team headed to SXSW 2023 in Austin, Texas, to share insights on the stage and learn what some of the most successful companies are doing in today’s tough economy – not only to stay afloat, but to flourish. Here are our top lessons so everyone from recruiters to business leaders can get a better understanding of what they can and should do to succeed this year.

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Effective strategies for recruiting remote workers

With more companies embracing flexible work arrangements, it's understandable that people are looking for better ways to balance their professional and personal lives. Remote work provides numerous benefits, ranging from improved well-being and work-life balance to increased productivity. We're sharing effective recruiting strategies to help you confidently attract and hire remote talent.

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How today’s talent trends are shaping hiring on a global scale

If you’re confused by recent economic shifts and what they mean for hiring, you’re not alone. We’re seeing a skyrocketing number of open jobs at the same time as reports of slowing growth and high-profile layoffs. If these apparent contradictions are leaving even economists stumped, how can you make sense of them as a talent professional? Greenhouse recently partnered with HiBob to explore what’s happening in the global talent market today and how that’s likely to inform your hiring for the rest of the year and beyond. Explore some of the highlights from their conversation here.

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The future belongs to people-first companies: Constructing a people-first culture

People-first companies follow a philosophy of embracing people-first practices where they prioritize people in all their decision-making. They understand that people are their most valuable asset, so they regard all their people-practices – especially hiring– as strategic rather than administrative functions. They distinguish themselves by attracting top-quality talent and working to create a diverse and inclusive environment in which talent can flourish.