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How the Greenhouse Events app made Five9’s candidate sourcing efficient and effective

Find out how the Greenhouse Events app transformed leading cloud contact center Five9’s in-person sourcing to be more efficient and effective.

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Leveraging LinkedIn: How to attract top talent with your employer brand (Part 2)

Curious about how to attract top talent with your employer brand? Here’s how you can leverage LinkedIn for recruiting success.

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Executive candidate sourcing do’s and don’ts

Hiring senior management comes with a significant amount of pressure. Top executives will likely stay with their respective companies for long periods of time. However, higher-level employees do…

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The power of pay transparency—for both candidates and your employer brand

Adding salary ranges and being transparent about pay benefits more than just your candidates. Find out how in this blog.

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Metrics that matter: How to measure the performance of your sourcing emails

If your team has been sourcing candidates via email for some time, you're likely to have an excess of performance data to sort through. The good news is that there are specific metrics that we've found to be most useful when planning and launching candidate sourcing email campaigns. Read on to learn three key email metrics to monitor to better understand the effectiveness of your messaging and enable better strategic planning.

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How to source top talent: Questions to ask hiring managers

In order to source the right talent, it's important to know which questions to ask hiring managers before you begin your search. These questions can help you determine whether a candidate is right for the job. In this blog, we're sharing expert tips and the most insightful questions to ask hiring managers from Greenhouse's Senior Talent Acquisition Manager Mason Calaiaro and Technical Talent Sourcing Manager Jessica Cronk.

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Talent Makers success stories: Why nontraditional candidate pools lead to great hires

It’s easy to assume that a candidate’s past experience will be a good indicator of their success in a future role, but this thinking can be limiting when you're building a more inclusive hiring process. When growing the Greenhouse Customer Success team, Talent Acquisition Program Manager Generi Talens partnered with Customer Success Senior Managers Kevin Do and Karlan Baumann to look beyond traditional backgrounds and prioritize inclusivity. Read on to learn some of their best tactics and takeaways.

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Effective strategies for recruiting remote workers

With more companies embracing flexible work arrangements, it's understandable that people are looking for better ways to balance their professional and personal lives. Remote work provides numerous benefits, ranging from improved well-being and work-life balance to increased productivity. We're sharing effective recruiting strategies to help you confidently attract and hire remote talent.