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Keep candidates engaged while scaling your teams and discovering new talent

This fall we’re excited to share that we’ve launched new Greenhouse features that will help you keep candidates engaged, effectively scale your teams, foster accountability and discover new talent.

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Candidates cautious of company red flags: Results from the 2023 Greenhouse Candidate Interview Experience Report

The 2023 Greenhouse Candidate Interview Experience Report reveals several company red flags that send candidates running in the other direction. We surveyed 1,200 US-based candidates to learn about how employers are handling communication, interview questions and the overall candidate experience. Explore our findings here.

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UK workers reveal their top priorities in the 2023 Candidate Experience Report

What do UK candidates care about in 2023? Flexible work policies are a top priority, according to this year’s edition of the Greenhouse Candidate Experience Report, which surveyed over 800 UK-based employees. According to the report, 77% of workers would actively search for or be open to a new job if their company rolled back flexible work policies. This data highlights the fact that workers now expect flexibility – it’s not just a pandemic perk.

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Flexibility is key: Results from the 2023 Greenhouse Candidate Experience Report

Here’s what the data in the 2023 Candidate Experience Report reveals about hybrid work, pay transparency, DE&I and much more.

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Need to stand out to candidates? Here's how hiring tech can help improve your employer brand

There’s a lot happening in the talent landscape right now – from the Great Resignation and quiet quitting to high-profile layoffs. In this environment, it can be hard to know where to focus your energy. Whether you’re hiring at full pace or taking a pause, it’s worth taking a closer look at your employer brand. We caught up with Greenhouse’s Head of People Experience Layla Kajer and Talent Acquisition Managers Adrina August and Pamely Gomez to get their tips for building a standout employer brand with hiring technology.

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Talent Makers success stories: How a positive client relationship resulted in a great new hire

Being a Talent Maker means you’re open to engaging with talent everywhere – not just in your official candidate pipeline. You might even be surprised to find great talent through simple client relationship management. Rippling Technical Account Manager Jay Chonillo’s story is a perfect example of this. We caught up with Jay to hear more about his story and learn how the Talent Makers at Rippling made these somewhat unlikely career moves possible.

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How to attract talent in an extremely competitive market

In today’s talent climate, candidates have the upper hand. Companies that are slow to respond, don’t provide a transparent look into their interview process and culture or don’t engage candidates throughout the hiring process are losing out on talent. Hear how talent leaders from tech’s fastest growing startups are making candidate experience their key advantage to winning talent.

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Even with a potential recession, job seekers still have the upper hand

No matter what happens with the economy, the pressures to attract and retain talent aren’t going away. We explore the highlights from the new Greenhouse Candidate Economic Sentiment report, which shares insights into candidate trends such as flexible work expectations, value alignment with the company and much more.