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How to hire the right person – part 2: Avoid bias in interviews

In part one of this blog series, we discussed how to hire the right person by setting up an inclusive and structured hiring process, based on a recent conversation with BambooHR. Now, we’re sharing how you can avoid bias in interviews to help you fairly assess which candidate is right for your role.

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The evolving legal landscape of AI in the hiring process

AI should not replace humans when it comes to hiring decision-making. Learn how to stay compliant and avoid the biases that AI-generated algorithms might create.

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Want happier, more productive employees? Seriously consider the impact of remote work

Culture leader Elizabeth Bille from EVERFI shared her thoughts on remote work. We discussed its impact on productivity and DE&I. Read the recap in this blog.

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US vs European hiring: 6 key differences to guide your hiring strategy

Is the recruitment process in Europe that different from the US? Find out in this blog.

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Candidates cautious of company red flags: Results from the 2023 Greenhouse Candidate Interview Experience Report

The 2023 Greenhouse Candidate Interview Experience Report reveals several company red flags that send candidates running in the other direction. We surveyed 1,200 US-based candidates to learn about how employers are handling communication, interview questions and the overall candidate experience. Explore our findings here.

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How we’re embracing AI in our hiring software

Helping recruiters write job posts and candidate emails faster is only the beginning. We take a look at areas beyond the expected where we plan to use AI to improve how companies hire.

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How to hire the right person – part 1: Set up a structured and inclusive hiring process

We spoke with BambooHR about how to hire the right person and set up an inclusive hiring process. Read the recap in this two-part blog series.

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Executive candidate sourcing do’s and don’ts

Hiring senior management comes with a significant amount of pressure. Top executives will likely stay with their respective companies for long periods of time. However, higher-level employees do…