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Keeping candidates continuously engaged during a time of high volume hiring is essential to a successful hiring strategy. Without a differentiated approach to outreach, candidates can easily drop out of the funnel, or even lose interest in a role altogether – resulting in ghosting. But hiring teams are busy, with increasingly smaller budgets and pressure on time-to-fill. And, candidates expect a smooth experience that feels personalized and meets them wherever they are.

To further investigate this, Greenhouse launched a new Candidate Experience Survey (coming May 2024), that revealed nearly 8 in 10 candidates across the US (77%) expect a response from a prospective employer within two weeks of applying. It’s abundantly clear that companies need to meet this standard in order to keep top candidates interested and warm (and keep the ghosting away).

So what’s the solution? Some may be shocked to learn that texting can alleviate slowdowns in the recruiting process by giving candidates a convenient way to create personal connections with recruiters. For organizations that conduct intricate or high-volume hiring, this communication method can set them apart through a simple and effective channel that complements other outreach.

With this in mind, hiring teams need to continuously and efficiently engage candidates while ensuring that all key high volume recruiting data, interview plans and candidate outreach can be tracked in one place. And as Greenhouse builds more smart sourcing and communication tools, texting can elevate a comprehensive, multi-channel strategy that provides a smooth candidate experience.

Effective candidate communication for the modern age

At Greenhouse, we’ve been fortunate to work with Grayscale, a texting and automation platform that supports frontline high volume hiring, as a customer-preferred partner since May 2020. Through this partnership, hundreds of Greenhouse customers have already realized the power of Grayscale to reach and engage top talent. But more and more, companies are looking to streamline their recruiting process and bring key hiring functionality all-together. That’s why we’re so excited about the next evolution of our partnership with the launch of Texting, powered by Grayscale.

This new solution seamlessly embeds 1:1 and bulk texting, along with automation capabilities, into Greenhouse Recruiting. Combined with other sourcing and communication methods in Greenhouse, texting up-levels the ability to engage top talent through a preferred and differentiated outreach channel. Texting also reduces time-to-fill for key roles and the likelihood of candidate ghosting, through scalable, automated campaigns. This partnership also means that hiring teams can design a candidate communication strategy that can be conducted in one place and through one subscription – all-together in Greenhouse.

Smarter technology with a human-centric approach

For Greenhouse customers, it’s now even easier to ensure candidate texting is a component of your sourcing and hiring strategy. With Texting, powered by Grayscale, hiring teams can design 1:1 and bulk messaging campaigns and track engagement over time on the candidate’s activity feed. Grayscale’s automation engine allows recruiters to save time on routine tasks and design a friction-free candidate experience. Through robust personalization elements that can be included in campaigns, Texting, powered by Grayscale, also ensures recruiters maintain a people-first approach, even more important when conducting high volume recruiting. And with international texting capabilities, organizations that hire globally can ensure their messages reach candidates wherever they are.

With this new partnership, Texting, powered by Grayscale, may now be purchased directly through Greenhouse, with support and services provided by the Grayscale team, experts in effective texting engagement and high volume hiring strategy. This new partnership means a smooth and efficient product and support experience, with a sharp focus on ensuring that candidate engagement remains human-centric and recruiter-driven.

We are so excited to share more about Texting, powered by Grayscale, and the newest evolution of our partnership with Grayscale, so you can scale and streamline candidate engagement to hire fast – and grow faster.

Join us on May 14 or May 15 for a webinar co-hosted by Greenhouse and Grayscale, where we’ll dive more deeply into this new partnership and share a product demo. Register here.

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Ben McNelly

Ben McNelly

is a Product Marketing Manager at Greenhouse, where he works closely with our partnerships and product teams to deliver new features to customers. Prior to Greenhouse, Ben worked in K-12 education technology and nonprofit serving educators and students. He lives in Arlington, Massachusetts, and can probably be found in the kitchen trying a new recipe when he’s not working. Connect with him on LinkedIn here.

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