Make smarter hiring tech stack decisions with Greenhouse Customer-Preferred Partners

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New technologies in the HR space are challenging incumbents in the ecosystem and creating a new set of technology options for every category of talent acquisition. The volume and speed of these new technologies is creating a new pain-point that needs to be addressed: the challenge of choice.

To address this challenge, we created the Customer-Preferred Partner Program to highlight top partners across our ecosystem, enabling customers to have more transparency and peer guidance when selecting the right technology to suit their immediate and future needs.

To manage the ever-growing number of tools and products available, Greenhouse has prioritized open APIs to enable partners to quickly connect and deliver value for our customers. As a result, we’ve recently surpassed 300 integration partners. With 300+ tools at your fingertips across the Greenhouse Partner Ecosystem, our aim is to support and highlight the most used partners. We believe this will positively create an economy of quality options and simultaneously fuel even more innovation across all HR technology.

Greenhouse customer-preferred partner program

The Value of Peer Guidance in the Customer-Preferred Partner Program

The Customer-Preferred Partner Program is a way to elevate partners who have a strong history of success servicing Greenhouse customers. This peer guidance is invaluable to anyone who is evaluating new technologies for their hiring tech stack. We designed the partnership model to reduce the confusion and risk that is implicit in choosing the optimal hiring tech stack for your team and your company’s needs. Whether starting from scratch or searching within a specific category, Greenhouse customers will get a better sense of what tools their peers are using.

The Customer-Preferred Program is an expression of Greenhouse’s belief that transparency and greater objectivity help talent acquisition teams make better decisions - not just with their technology but also in their hiring practices and processes. Our customers understand the massive impact great hiring has on business success, and having the right tools and solutions in place is an important foundation. Being able to access peer guidance from Greenhouse’s own customers about integration technologies is an insightful first step in the selection process.

Jeff McCarthy, Senior Talent Acquisition Analyst at TripAdvisor and his Talent Operations Team employ numerous technology integrations with Greenhouse, including three with Customer-Preferred Partners. The TripAdvisor Talent Acquisition Team relies on the Greenhouse Partner ecosystem to scale, perform efficiently to service 39 offices globally and uphold their company values.

One of TripAdvisor’s core values is ‘speed wins’ – our ability to easily connect tools/systems with Greenhouse through the integration page so quickly truly embodies this notion. So one of the first questions we ask new vendors is whether or not they have an existing partnership with Greenhouse, or if they have other customers using Greenhouse.

This new partnership model draws on the experience and validation of hundreds of Greenhouse customers who are actively improving and modernizing their hiring tech stack. Peer guidance makes it easier for customers to discover and test new tools and technologies in a lower-risk way, while encouraging partners to build the right tools and workflows that customers want and need. With the Customer-Preferred Partner Program, Greenhouse customers can more confidently make decisions about their hiring tech stack to suit exactly their organization’s requirements.

How to Use Greenhouse Customer-Preferred Partners

The Customer-Preferred Partner Program is designed to streamline the process of creating the optimal hiring tech stack for our customers. Once a customer decides they need a specific tool, the Program will help them to:

  • Evaluate a specific category - Customers always ask what is the best background check partner or sourcing tool, and this is true for every category for any technology that integrates with Greenhouse. While we know that choosing the right tool requires a rigorous process, we want to help get you started by showcasing top partners in that category.
  • Start building your hiring tech stack - Many customers are only at the beginning of building a hiring tech stack to manage all aspects of human capital. This program offers visibility into what other customers are using the most. We always get customers who are starting to grow their hiring tech stack, and this will enable them to gain knowledge from what their peers have succeeded in doing. Our Customer-Preferred Partner Program is also a useful tool for customers who are moving through hiring maturity stages. A large Enterprise company’s hiring tech stack can benefit from the guidance of this program as much as a startup’s can.

What’s next for the Customer-Preferred Partner Program

We will continue to add new customer-preferred partners based on the positive experience that Greenhouse customers are having. In the meantime, check out our Partnerships Page and find the best tools for your hiring tech stack.